TEMA: How Much Electronics Can I Bring To India Duty-free?
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I have been visiting India travel forum for the last few weeks and find it very useful in planning my upcoming holidays. I have a few questions so I registered today and hope to get some answers from experienced members here on this forum.

I live in USA and plan to go for a holiday to India which is also my native place. I am planning to take two laptops, two IPads, two iPhones and about 10 kilos of whey protein, some creatine powder, omega 3 soft gels with me on my trip to India. I would like to know if I would need to pay customs duty at New Delhi airport or is this much valuables/electronics allowed. Phones,iPods and laptops are gifts that I want to bring in for friends and family, whey protein is for myself as I train with weights and plan to continue while I am in India as well.


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