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We have developed extraordinary AUDIO analog&digital balancer gadget...

gSOUND Car Audio Revolution

What is gSOUND?

gSOUND is an hardware component that is embed between the existing components, between your car audio system and speakers. This is an audio analog&digital balancer gadget that was designed in Agromehatronika LLC! So, we decided to start Indiegogo's Campaign for introduce gSOUND to wider audience, audiophiles and all others who loves good sound.

We offer gSOUND to you at below-retail pricing while we get ready to start shipping it around May 2015. The gSOUND is developed and will be introduced to the world via Crowd-Funding. We feel that this is the absolute best way to show the world its capabilities in an exciting and interactive way. One that allows the crowd to join forces with us to bring about real change in the car audio system sound. While at the same time, allowing individuals over the world to engage, suggest and share their ideas to make the gSOUND experience a truly special.

How it works?

Working principle is simple, but the hardware component and technology are TOP SECRET.

If your car have a built-in standard car audio system with a minimum of four speakers (two front and two rear) yust install gSOUND between the existing car audio suistema and speakers, and will give you a unique feeling of sound (gSOUND are the hardware component that is coupled between the existing components, or between your audio system and speakers. If you have more than four speakers it will be even better!).

You will receive an unspeakable gSOUND experience at below-retail pricing.

It sounds frickin 'awesome!

That's all you must to know!

What does it sound like?

How do we say this politely? It sounds frickin' awesome! But you don't have to take our word for it. We took gSOUND to Car Audio & Tuning Shows in the region and asked audiophiles to take a listen and tell us what they thought. Guys mostly have extolled the idea and a different approach and comments was extraordinary, outstanding, remarkable, ...

Feelings are remarkable; you literally feel music; you almost can touch the sound; music goes smoothly with car motion. If you are breaking, car sounds goes to front speakers; if you are accelerating, sounds goes to rear speakers; if you are turning right, sounds goes from back speakers to front left speaker; if you are turning left, sounds goes from back speakers to front right speaker.

Installation gSOUND

Installation is simple because the gSOUND has embedded standard car audio connectors. gSOUND is hardware component that is embed between the existing components, or between your audio system and speakers. gSOUND is mounted with standard ISO Connector and you will receive also instruction for direct wire connecting. It is very simple to connect.

Just plug and play!

Product Comparison

In this moment there is no any similar device on market. gSOUND is unique!
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Other Ways You Can Help

Not in a position to donate financially? We understand. If you cannot contribute, help get our campaign in front of those who can share our campaign on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and any other platform you like. The more people who know, the better! Tell us your opinion about gSOUND idea. Watch our videos and ask others to watch them too. How to reach out more people. Support our campaign on other ways. Your opinion matters!

Thank you!

Please share our project thgrough Facebook and Twitter, we will be happy for any help!

If you have any questions or you just want to say hello, be sure to contact us!

For Press Inquiries contact info@agromehatronika.hr

Help make it happen

The gSOUND system!
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